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What is Legal Trends?

Legal Trends is a collection of information data that helps report on the latest movements and directions in the legal industry. Our authors report on matters of laws, legal marketing, technology and trending issues in the legal profession. We invite healthy discussion and debate, and invite authors to submit content for publication. There is no fee to publish content on our website, but we have strict quality guidelines in place to ensure the credibility of our website.

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Who Are Our Authors?

The authors on Legal Trends come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are lawyers, legal professionals, marketing advisors and technology enthusiasts. We seek content participation among all professions who have a voice within the legal profession. Authors publish on our platform to help amplify their credibility and online footprint, and all content is manually verified by our US team for quality and accuracy.

Legacy Content

There is content on our website that was published a very long time ago. If you are an interested party to this content and wish to make edits, updates or corrections please contact us, provide a link to the content in question, and a specific request. Publishing Policy & Guidelines

1) Once content has been submitted to the Website it becomes the property of Legal Trends maintains ownership, editorial and publishing control for all content submitted to the Website.

2) Legal Trends can modify, update, promote or delete any submitted content or author without notice.

3) Submitted content must be at least 750 words or more in length, professionally written and must be “legal” in nature specific to the United States.

4) Promotional Content: Content that is identified as purely/primarily promotional or advertising in nature will be deleted.

5) External Links: Links to credible sources are encouraged. However, only one (1) external link per domain, per article is allowed.

6) Spam: If we identify submitted content as spam, or that the content contains outbound links to spam websites, link farms, gambling, pornography, drugs, illegal websites, malware or other websites that have the appearance of spam we reserve the right to alter or delete the content and the author profile associated with the content.

7) Do not submit duplicate or “spun” content, since this may incur filtering in search results within search engines and adversely affect the Legal Trends Website. If we find duplicate/spun content we may alter or delete the content.

8) Hate speech, libel, slander, racism or cyber-bullying is not tolerated and any content submitted or comments on the Website is subject to review and may result in deletion along with deletion of the author profile associated with the content and/or comment.