Sequel to World Justice Forum in the Works

At the ABA Annual Meeting, William Neukom, in his final speech as President, said the World Justice Project will continue as an independent entity supported by its own funding sources.

The World Justice Project initiative, upon which Mr. Neukom’s presidency centered, drew nearly 500 attendees to the its early July, 2008 World Justice Forum, where numerous ideas for programs headed by the committed professionals in attendance in Vienna.

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Neukom said he is gratified that the project so far has shown that “a multidisciplinary approach can be very powerful” in building support for the premise that rule-of-law principles are crucial to building and maintaining communities of equality and opportunity for their citizens.

A key element of the project has been to build coalitions between lawyers and other disciplines—including the medical field, architects, engineers and labor groups—that will work together to address rule-of-law issues in the United States and the rest of the world. The first stage of the project culminated in early July at a three-day World Justice Forum in Vienna, Austria, that brought together nearly 500 attendees representing various disciplines from countries around the world.

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