Tackling Family Law and Divorce in California

Family matters, particularly those involving divorce are quite often intense and highly emotional. A family that goes through a legal separation or divorce can face other legal matters associated with their divorce, such as child custody, child support, or spousal support. Ultimately, these legal dilemmas can make the process for divorce completely overwhelming.

Finding a Lawyer Qualified in Divorce Law

If you are dealing with a family law related matter, it is critical to seek the legal support of a compassionate family law attorney who has experience in divorce cases. A well-versed attorney will handle the case with the utmost discretion and dedication in order to protect your rights and interests as well as those of your children.

The family law attorney you acquire should be skillful in California law, with an in-depth understanding of the legal process and the various outcomes that can result from a divorce case.

Encompassing Divorce Cases in California

Although the process for divorce can be similar for most cases, each case has a unique set of circumstances that makes it different than the rest. Therefore, it is important to find individualized solutions for each case. Understanding the type of divorce case can make a difference in reaching a sustainable outcome. The following are common types of issues that may need to be addressed in a divorce:

  • Legal separation or marriage dissolution
  • Marital settlement agreement
  • Property division
  • Spousal support or support modification
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Asset protection
  • Military divorce or separation
  • Annulment

Uncontested Divorces in the State of California

In many cases, an uncontested divorce offers both parties several advantages, which include saving time and money. In California, an uncontested divorce happens when both divorcing parties agree on all terms of the divorce, including child custody, property division, and support. Uncontested divorces nonetheless require the support of a family law attorney. A skilled attorney will review the divorce details and ensure your rights and interests are maximized and secured.

The Complexities of a Contested Divorce in California

Contested divorces can not only be time consuming but they are often very stressful. When facing a contested divorce, it is important to seek the legal representation of a skilled attorney who will not exacerbate the issues, and intentionally stretch out the case when it is not necessary. Instead, a skillful attorney will explain all available options for an attainable solution and resolve the case through a fair settlement or through trial.

Handling Tax Issues in a Divorce

When going through a divorce, the consequences involving taxes should not be ignored. If handled accordingly, tax implications can often increase the settlement value of a legal separation or divorce. On the contrary, when mismanaged, both parties can walk away with larger tax bills and less assets. The method in which tax is handled in the various assets in a marital estate can have a significant impact on the total value of the settlement. It is essential to seek legal representation of a skilled attorney who is equipped to handle tax-related concerns in a divorce, including those involving child exemptions, alimony, and any capital gains that are derived from long-term investments, such as real estate investment.

Speak to a Family Law Attorney with the Right Experience

The State of California is notorious for having some of the most complex divorce cases in the country. This is because many residents have multiple businesses that can be affected as a result of a complicated divorce. Divorce cases in California are also subject to strict rules and regulations that come into play if the family has small children or other dependents. Even if you are facing a multitude of legal dilemmas, however, it does not mean that your case should be complicated, much less be drawn out. When facing legal separation or divorce, it is critical to seek the resources of a well-practiced family law attorney. A skillful attorney will strive to resolve the dilemmas as efficiently as possible through strong case evaluation and competent negotiation. Moreover, an attorney with the right experience will work diligently to reach a favorable outcome, even when the case is highly complex. Consider contacting the legal support of a qualified family law attorney today.

The family law lawyers at RM Law Group, LLP have dedicated their profession to helping families facing legal separation or divorce in the State of California. The firm has many years of experience handling the most complex divorce cases. Consider contacting the firm today for a free case evaluation.