Your Mind and Its Power Over Your Success

Have you ever noticed a trend in the thinking patterns of successful people? Have you ever wondered why it seems like success comes so easily to some people and so difficult for others?

It all has to do with your beliefs.

People that achieve success in a consistent basis have one thing in common. Whether they are successful athletes, executives, business owners, or artists, they all know that they will succeed. They know this before they even attempt to achieve the goal they set out for themselves. They envision themselves living the way they want to live and feeling the excitement, gratitude, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching what they set out to do.

Positive self-belief is where you believe in yourself and are confident in your capabilities to the point that you are certain that you will succeed.

When you know what you believe to be true, you take action based on that knowingness. This frame of mind is what gets people to where they want to be in life.

It enables them to see obstacles as completely conquerable, allows them to be more creative with problem-solving, and gives them the push they need to meet the people that will help them reach their goal faster. It is their confidence and self-belief that gets them ahead.

However, holding negative beliefs will do the complete opposite. Any negative belief looming around in your mind is an enormous and persistent obstacle in the path to your goals. It is not only an obstacle, but a huge influence that impacts how much effort you will put forth and how soon you will be willing to give up.

Negative beliefs will lead you to see obstacles as unconquerable and to see challenges as “signs” that you are not meant to achieve your goal. They’ll make you start agreeing that you really are not worthy of achieving the change you want to create or that it’s simply too difficult and not worth the effort.

Creating change or getting what you truly want in life requires two things. You must believe that a. it is possible and b. you can achieve it.

How Beliefs Affect Us

The beliefs that you hold on to, focus on, and give attention to in your mind impact every aspect of your life. Your beliefs can hold you back, keep you in the same place, or push you forward. They impact every single decision or non-decision you make each day of your life.

In most cases, the beliefs that hold you back and keep you from succeeding are held in your subconscious mind. They are so deeply ingrained in you that it is actually difficult for you to realize when they come to the forefront. We all have these beliefs as they are ingrained in us throughout our life.

Our beliefs travel with us all the way from our childhood. They come from things we hear others say about us, themselves, or life in general, things we see on television, things we experience, and things we see others experience. These beliefs become so inculcated in our minds that they become part of who we are.

Our beliefs impact how we function in our professional and personal life, how we see life, how we make decisions, and how we act upon our decisions.

These beliefs or thinking patterns are commonly referred to as scripts. Scripts are basically the beliefs that we have stored in our conscious and subconscious mind and allowed to dictate our every move throughout the majority of our life.

Read this sentence: “I am going to start my own business and be a great success!” What was the first thing that came to your mind? Was it “yeah right!”? Was it “heck yeah”? Was it “of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way?” What was it exactly?… Whatever it was, it was a response born out of your beliefs (scripts).

Becoming familiar with your beliefs is one of the most, if not the most, important thing you can do to start making leaps in your life. It truly is a pre-requisite to fulfilling your desires and goals and reaching your vision.

Once you are aware of the beliefs you hold about specific segments of your life, there are specific strategies you can apply to counter these beliefs and eventually shift them completely.

The longer you hold positive beliefs, the more action you will take towards reaching your goals, the more confidence you will have in yourself, your capacity of reaching those goals, and your worthiness of success.

Author’s Bio

Sonia Gallagher is a Coach for Lawyers at Time for Life, LLC. She helps lawyers get more clients, more profits, and more professional satisfaction within the practice of law. She teaches them strategies that transform them into rainmaking machines with more free time and a healthier work life balance.