Coach directing his player

Judge as Coach: Positive Coaching in the Courtroom

As a trial judge since 1979, I have presided over many cases involving adults and youths who made serious mistakes, were charged with criminal offenses, and needed to improve their

family holding hands together

The Unified Family Court: Preventive, Therapeutic and Restorative Justice for America’s Families

In thinking about preventive law, analogies from medicine and public health come immediately to mind. While much has been written about preventive medicine, including early screening, detection, and intervention for

Improving Mediation Quality: You, Too, Can Do This in Your Area

There are many reasons mediators want to improve the quality of practice in their geographic or subject area. Most mediators have a strong sense of professionalism and sincerely want to

Practical Insights From an Empirical Study of Cooperative Lawyers in Wisconsin (A Summary of the Study)

What can you do if, as a lawyer, you want to negotiate a divorce cooperatively from the outset of a case? The Divorce Cooperation Institute (DCI), an organization of more

Family Law 101: Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie

It’s a Friday afternoon. No, let’s get real. It’s a Friday morning, about 10:30 a.m. Calendar call for the next term is finished, you’ve wrapped up those lingering matters that

Meditation: Your Tool For a Clear Mind and Competitive Edge

What’s on your mind? For most of people, there’s a steady stream of ideas, concerns and musings reams of information to digest and act on. Lawyers tend to consider the

Developing Better Lawyers and Lawyering Practices: Introduction to the Symposium on Innovative Models of Lawyering

Most people probably think of lawyers as advocates in court, perhaps the most common image of lawyers in popular culture. In law schools, students not only focus on lawyers’ courtroom