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Mediation to be pushed in childcare court cases

Increased emphasis on mediation urged in Australian Childcare court. MORE childcare and protection cases will be resolved through mediation and conferences, sparing vulnerable children and families the trauma of court

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DOJ Launches Federal Pro Bono Program in New York

N.Y.C. attorneys included in Fed’s Pro Bono program. The Department of Justice kicked off Wednesday a New York City branch of a federal program that partners lawyers with low-income residents


White & Case Globalizes Pro Bono

Law firm White and Case announces formation of a global pro bono group. As pro bono grows globally, it presents new management challenges,” says Ed Rekosh, executive director of the

Legal Aid

Legal Aid celebrates 22 years of pro bono service

Attorneys honored for pro bono contributions. On the evening of May 8, the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County honored nine attorneys, a law firm, an accountant and Florida

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Record Pro Bono Services from Law Firms Despite Economic Recession, $2 Billion in Free Legal Services in 2009

Law firms pro bono efforts remain steady dispite economic downturns WASHINGTON, June 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The pro bono efforts of major law firms held steady in 2009 despite the continued


Law Firm Compensation Systems Lack Equality, Study Shows

On June 8, 2010, The National Law Journal published an interview the Joan Williams, Directory of the Project for Attorney Retention (PAR), relative to the study, “New Millennium, Same Glass

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Community Justice Tribunals to be Piloted in Three Communities

Experimental programs seek to reduce conflict in select communities in Jamaica by involving the community in guided mediation and restorative justice. communities will have an opportunity to engage in meaningful

Restorative justice

Concord residents join restorative justice group

Concord, Mass volunteers complete a training program equipping them to participate in restorative justice circles. C4RJ partners with area police departments to bring together people who have been harmed by

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Arbitration Fairness Act: Franchisees Pushing Congress To Pass Bill

Former franchise owner Deborah Williams and consumer advocates lobbied Capitol Hill on Wednesday, April 29 to ask that Congress pass the Arbitration Fairness Act, a pending bill that bans mandatory

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DuPont, CSX Settle One Rate Dispute

Dupont and CSX were able to settle their differences through mediation. Their high profiles will help publicize the plausibility of alternative forms of dispute resolution. The STB will continue to