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Boone Callaway is the Founder of Callaway & Wolf in San Francisco who has built a distinguished legal career in personal injury and medical malpractice law since his commencement in 1988. With decades of experience under his belt, he possesses a profound understanding and proficiency in intricate medical matters, encompassing a broad range of injuries and errors committed by healthcare professionals.

Throughout his tenure, Boone has represented clients in myriad personal injury and medical malpractice cases, presenting them before juries, judges, and arbitrators across the Bay Area. His exceptional work and dedication to the field have not gone unnoticed. He was notably featured in the Daily Journal in 2021 and in Plaintiff Magazine back in 2018.

Beyond his professional successes, Boone has been an influential figure in the legal community. He held the esteemed position of President of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFTLA) in 2021. This venerable association, with a history spanning over half a century, has been at the forefront of promoting civil justice through continuous education and staunch trial advocacy.

Callaway & Wolf’s Early History

Established in 1995, Callaway & Wolf is a renowned personal injury law firm, founded on the joint expertise and vision of Boone Callaway and Carl Wolf. With its roots in San Francisco and Oakland, the firm stands as a beacon of hope and legal support for individuals grappling with the aftermath of personal injuries or facing the complexities and long-lasting consequences of medical malpractice.

The ethos of Callaway & Wolf is deeply grounded in offering personalized, diligent, and compassionate legal representation. Mr. Callaway recognized the profound emotional and physical toll injuries and medical oversights can inflict. Their commitment to understanding each client’s unique story and challenges ensures that every case is handled with the utmost care and attentiveness.

Rather than just offering legal services, Callaway & Wolf prides itself on being a supportive ally during some of life’s most challenging moments. Their unwavering dedication to justice and their deep roots in the community make them a trusted choice for those seeking representation in the Bay Area of California.

Awards and Accolades for Attorney Boone Callaway

What truly sets Mr. Callaway apart in the legal community is the collection of esteemed accolades he has garnered. Among personal injury litigators in San Francisco, he stands out as one of the select few to achieve the prestigious title of Super Lawyer, a recognition given to fewer than 5% of all contenders in the category. Additionally, he boasts an AV Rating, a mark of excellence and professional ethics that less than 10% of attorneys can claim. Not stopping there, Boone is a proud Member of ABOTA – the American Board of Trial Advocates. This esteemed organization has a tight-knit membership, with fewer than 8,000 trial lawyers on its roster nationwide. This trifecta of honors places Mr. Callaway in a rare echelon, distinguishing him as one of the Bay Area’s elite attorneys to hold three of the highest accolades in the legal domain.

Recent Results

  • $4.7 Million: A bicyclist hit by a street sweeper.
  • $2.675 Million: Death of a husband & father who was misdiagnosed in an emergency room.
  • $500,000 for a pedestrian who sustained a severely broken leg after being struck by a car.
  • $450,000 for a woman whose leg was shattered after being knocked down by a doorman at her apartment building.
  • $352,000 Verdict against the City of San Francisco in pedestrian injury case.

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