As we head toward Halloween, parents across New Jersey must confront that old familiar fear of toxic, poisonous, and dangerous candy. While some parents adopt a more dismissive approach to this threat, recent developments show that the concern is well-founded. The truth is that numerous candy manufacturers and distributors allow dangerous candies to find their way into the mouths of children. In some cases, these incidents can be fatal. Negligent companies must be held accountable for distributing these hazardous food products, especially since the target audience is our children.

Cocco Candy Linked to Death of 7-Year-Old Child

On October 6, 2023, it was reported that Cocco Candy was initiating a nationwide recall of its “rolling candy balls” after the death of a seven-year-old child. This child lost her life in New Jersey after the candy became lodged in her throat. A total of 145,000 candy balls are now being recalled across the nation, and these items were sold between May of 2022 and March of 2023.

The candy balls appear much like toys, and they feature a stick with an embedded ball of candy on one end. The issue seems to be a tendency for the candy ball to become dislodged from the stick. This is what caused the child’s death in New Jersey, according to the CPSC. This hazard has apparently exposed identical issues with similar products, such as the “Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy” item distributed by Candy Dynamics. This product is now being recalled due to fears that it might cause similar injuries or deaths.

Fears About Dangerous Candy Continue

The fear of dangerous candy during Halloween has been around for many decades – possibly since the advent of Halloween itself. Many media organizations dismiss this fear as being nonsensical, but there are many reasons to be genuinely concerned. Last Halloween, parents were urged to use caution after a panic about fentanyl-laced candy. The truth is that most parents can help avert the most serious issues by using common sense and caution. For example, parents might go through their child’s candy and remove any suspicious or non-packaged items.

The New Jersey Poison Control Center has provided parents with a guide on how to avoid issues related to dangerous candy during Halloween. Along with inspecting a child’s candy haul after trick-or-treating, parents should consider the following major concerns:

Marijuana edibles look almost identical to candies these days. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, companies are free to use colorful packaging to entice buyers. These packages may seem virtually indistinguishable from safe candy unless parents closely examine them.

The Poison Control Center also points to several other hazards during Halloween, including toxic contact lenses, toxic face paint, and food allergies. They also instruct families to watch their pets carefully, as certain candies may be toxic to animals.

Toxic Food Remains a Concern Long After Halloween

It is also worth mentioning that toxic food products are still a concern even after you put your Halloween costumes away and take down your decorations. Recent reports show that the majority of baby food may contain an astonishing amount of toxic substances, including heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and cadmium. There are even indications that orange juice – an assumedly healthy drink – may contain high levels of PFAS. These polyfluorides have been linked with birth defects, cancers, and many other health issues.

Many of these issues have led to lawsuits filed by concerned parents. Some of these parents say that their children have suffered serious health issues as a result of consuming seemingly healthy food items. Recently, there has been a slew of lawsuits over children who allegedly developed ADHD and autism because of exposure to heavy metals in baby foods. While many of these lawsuits have been dismissed, the mere possibility that this is happening to babies in New Jersey is highly concerning.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey?

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