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Colorado Accident Attorneys is a premier personal injury law firm with a wealth of experience in representing victims of accidents throughout the state of Colorado. Recognizing the profound impact that a motor vehicle accident can impose on the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of victims and their families, we are unwaveringly committed to guiding you through the intricate legal landscape to secure the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers

The esteemed team of seasoned personal injury lawyers at Colorado Accident Attorneys handles a wide rang of personal injury claims up to devastating multi-car collisions throughout Colorado. Our expertise and extensive resources are leveraged to staunchly safeguard your rights and chase down every dollar of compensation you deserve.

What sets us apart is our belief in treating every case as a distinct entity. Every accident has its unique circumstances, and every client has individual needs. When you choose to work with us, you can expect undivided attention and bespoke legal solutions tailored to your specific situation. Our attorneys are always within reach, prepared to lend an ear, assemble evidence, and craft a compelling case to maximize the compensation you recover. This includes remuneration for medical expenses, lost income, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and any other losses you might have incurred due to the accident.

Attorney Donald Sisson

Based in Denver, CO, Donald Sisson stands out as a distinguished lead counsel with a track record of triumphs across a diverse range of practice areas such as complex civil litigation, real estate disputes, corporate disagreements, personal injury, and police defense. His unique blend of confidence and adeptness has consistently steered his clients towards successful litigation outcomes.

Over recent years, Mr. Sisson has been a formidable representative for clients in several courts nationwide. With a remarkable tally of over 100 cases litigated to verdict, his extensive experience spans arbitration forums, administrative panels—including appearances before the Career Service Authority and the Civil Service Commission—and both State and Federal District Courts. His clientele is as diverse as his expertise, ranging from individuals and local businesses to sizable corporations.

In addition to his vast litigation experience, Mr. Sisson holds the esteemed position of General Counsel for the Colorado State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). This reputable organization offers representation to an impressive cohort of over 5,000 law enforcement officers in Colorado, addressing a gamut of issues that includes internal investigations, due process rights, civil and criminal defense, and collective bargaining rights.

Attorney Reid Elkus

Reid Elkus has a diverse portfolio of client representation, encompassing individuals, small enterprises, and corporations across various legal domains. With a rich history of litigating cases related to complex personal injuries, civil litigation and criminal issues, Mr. Elkus consistently instills confidence through his unwavering dedication and expertise.

Moreover, Mr. Elkus holds the esteemed position of General Counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 27. This honor signifies his affiliation with the most prominent local Union Police Lodge in Colorado. In this role, he champions the rights of Denver Sheriff Deputies on various fronts, including internal investigations, due process rights, civil and criminal defense, as well as collective bargaining rights.

Our Law Firm Has a Commitment to Transparency & Communication

At the heart of our success is our unwavering commitment to transparent communication. We deeply value the trust our clients place in us, and we reciprocate by ensuring they are well-informed and actively engaged at every juncture of the legal journey. Your questions will always find prompt answers, and your concerns will be our top priority as we relentlessly work towards an optimal resolution for your case.

If you, or a family member has suffered injuries from a motor vehicle accident in Colorado, do not hesitate to reach out to Colorado Accident Attorneys. With our reach extending to cities like Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and beyond, we stand ready to champion your cause and ensure justice is served. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and let us stand with you in your quest for rightful compensation.

Recent Results

  • $4.2 Million Settlement: Wrongful Death
  • $210,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $150,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $100,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Collision

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