Upcoming Conferences

CLIOCON – Clio Cloud Conference


October 7–8, 2024


Austin, TX

What is the Clio Cloud Conference?

ClioCon is a catalyst for legal transformation. Each year, powerful leaders in the industry and beyond take the stage to share the latest insights and strategies to drive the industry forward.

What to expect

Actionable Skills

Get practical tips on everything from legal tech to conflict resolution. We’ve thought about everything.

CLE Credits

Earn valuable CLE and CPD credits across the United States and Canada—and have fun doing it!

Powerful Keynotes

Innovative voices share valuable perspectives on everything legal, business, tech, and beyond. Past speakers have included Mel Robbins, Bryan Stevenson, Seth Godin, and Angela Ducksworth.

Legal Trends

In case you haven’t heard, reporting on the latest legal trends is kind of our thing. You can expect a lot about AI, improving cash flow, and more.

Wellness & Entertainment

We all know legal professionals could use a little TLC, so we’ve prepared wellness sessions and afterparties to help you unwind.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with thousands of forward-thinking legal professionals from around the world.