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PIMCon – Personal Injury Mastermind Conference


September 15-17, 2024


Scottsdale, AZ

From A Podcast To A Movement

Armed with a passion for helping personal injury attorneys succeed, Chris Dreyer launched the Personal Injury Mastermind (PIM) podcast.

As the podcast gained momentum, Chris saw a profound shift taking place. It wasn’t just about disseminating valuable information anymore; it was about fostering a sense of community and collaboration among personal injury law professionals. Thus PIMCon was born.

More than a Conference

At PIMCon, expect more than a conference – it’s a transformative journey.

Designed to propel legal professionals from good to GOAT (Greatest of All Time), PIMCon offers an immersive experience where innovation, knowledge, and industry luminaries converge.

Surround yourself in enlightening sessions, connect with industry trailblazers, and redefine your legal journey.

Conquer Marketing

At PIMCon, seize the opportunity to conquer the realm of legal marketing like never before.

Create a strategic blueprint to propel your law firm to unprecedented heights. Engage with marketing titans, unravel the latest trends, and acquire the tools to revolutionize your firm’s presence. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, PIMCon is your gateway to mastering legal marketing and ensuring your law firm stands out in an ever-competitive landscape.

Elevate your brand, expand your reach, and conquer the marketing game – all at PIMCon.

Network with Industry GOATs

Networking shouldn’t be a formality – it should be a transformative experience. PIMCon is a dynamic tapestry of connections where legal luminaries, industry influencers, and like-minded professionals converge. From exclusive networking sessions to intimate gatherings with the best in the field, we’ve created an environment where meaningful connections flourish.

Forge alliances that extend beyond the conference walls, amplify your professional network, and unlock doors to unprecedented opportunities. The connections you make at PIMCon are as invaluable as the insights you gain.

Celebrate Excellence

After the enlightening sessions, the real celebration begins. Get ready for an after-hours extravaganza that transcends the ordinary.

Dive into exclusive happy hours buzzing with energy, join high-octane parties that pulse with excitement, share laughter sparked from a top comedian who will leave you in stitches, and finish your PIMCon journey by celebrating your success at a nighttime concert exclusive to PIMCon attendees only.

Don’t miss out on the epic after-hours festivities – this is where PIMCon truly comes alive!