Delahunty & Edelman, LLPDelahunty & Edelman LLP is a unique law firm dedicated to guiding both individuals and corporate entities through the intricacies of highly complex criminal, regulatory, and commercial litigation scenarios. With a distinguished lineage rooted in our roles as former federal prosecutors, our expertise isn’t just vast—it’s deep, especially when it comes to resolving disputes during the critical trial phases.

Our commitment goes beyond conventional legal counsel. Every client who walks through our doors can expect unwavering dedication that seeks not only to represent but to champion their interests. Moreover, while we pursue every avenue of advocacy, our seasoned perspective enables us to keep a holistic view. This means we don’t just aim for legal victories; we target efficient and pragmatic outcomes that serve our clients’ broader objectives.

A Legal Team With Experience in Complex Matters

Our legal team boasts a rich history of providing counsel to companies spanning the entire spectrum of growth, from budding startups to established Fortune 100 giants. In those pivotal moments when you or your organization stands face-to-face with challenges such as government probes, enforcement proceedings, or high-stakes commercial litigations, what you truly require are attorneys whose commitment to triumph matches your own intensity and drive.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we don’t just offer legal advice; we provide strategic guidance tailored to each unique scenario, ensuring that the odds are stacked in your favor. Your challenges become our mission, and our past successes become the foundation for your advantage. Explore Delahunty & Edelman’s practice areas, and connect to discuss your matter.

Patrick Delahunty brings to the table an illustrious career as a former federal prosecutor complemented by almost a decade and a half of hands-on litigation experience in both federal and state courts. His expertise isn’t limited to just one area; he possesses deep knowledge in an array of sectors including financial crimes, healthcare fraud, as well as securities and regulatory enforcement. With a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and a knack for strategic thinking, Patrick stands as a beacon of legal acumen and trial prowess.

Will Edelman boasts an incredibly diverse and rich background. Not only is he a former federal prosecutor, but he also served with distinction as a police officer, offering him unique insights into the intricacies of law enforcement. Additionally, his academic pedigree is equally commendable, being an alumnus of the esteemed Stanford Law School. Will’s practice is characterized by its sharp focus on white-collar and regulatory issues, coupled with his exceptional skills in internal investigations and intricate commercial litigation. His multifaceted experience makes him an invaluable asset for clients navigating the complex corridors of legal challenges.

Micah Nash is a seasoned business litigator, bringing over fifteen years of proficiency in handling diverse commercial disagreements. Micah recognizes that exemplary legal guidance is more than just identifying issues and utilizing one-size-fits-all litigation tactics. He strives to discern his clients’ objectives, foresee potential challenges, and devise tailored strategies that are both swift and efficient. Micah prioritizes clarity in his legal counsel, always aiming for prompt and effective outcomes. In every case he undertakes, his steadfast commitment is to keep litigation expenses in check, ensuring they don’t escalate disproportionately.

Recent Results

  • Acted on behalf of a fintech firm in a contract breach arbitration. Successfully settled the case.
  • Acted for a former C-Level executive in a disagreement with their previous employer regarding post-employment contractual benefits. Successfully secured the complete resolution desired by the client.
  • Acted on behalf of a former government worker who was subpoenaed for trial testimony. Following effective discussions with both the government and defense parties, the client was exempted from testifying.
  • Advocated for a tech firm and its founder in a conflict with a major investor regarding accusations of investor fraud. Upon joining the client’s legal team to ready the case for trial and submitting motions to restrict the opposing party’s evidence, the case was settled just before jury selection commenced.

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