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There is now a new page on Therapeutic Jurisprudence on Facebook website. It is at:

This page has been created by David Wexler request since we detected that more than a few Facebook users were including in their interests the word “Therapeutic Jurisprudence” and that because of that Facebook created a community page linking all of those users and they were also suggesting the creation of an official TJ page, so we took the first step to giving the users a much easier way to post links, events, photos, audios, videos and so on.

It’s important that you make a distinction between the automatic list created by facebook as a “community page” and tagged as “interest” and the more pro-active official page with the Black TJ LOGO and tagged as “organization” created by me at David’s request . The easiest way to join us is going directly to the link

.This is a good tool to spread the word about TJ. Facebook has more than 400 million active users and I am sure many of them could be interested in our approaches to look at the law in a richer way.

Everyone is welcome to join us and to publish posts. I will be acting as a moderator and trying to avoid spam or any unrelated topic. Also, I will be posting in a regular basis information from the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence ( from the listserv, blogs, and so on.

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