Jonna Spilbor, an attorney and legal analyst on “Kelly’s Court”, airing daily on the Fox News Channel, host of a call-in radio show Thursdays on WPDH FM, and a frequent guest commentator on MSNBC, Court-TV and other television news networks, where she has covered many of the nation’s high-profile criminal trials writes on Law.Com about her experience of starting her on practice and the things she learned from it. Her experience was not unlike many entrepreneurs practicing law. Read her full article entitled “Flying Solo: Five Key Lessons I Learned From Starting My Own Practice” at the link below.

My journey began with the decision to leave the safety and stability of the small firm in which I was six short months away from becoming a partner, so that I could do what virtually every other lawyer who leaves a firm desires to do: make more money.

Actually, in my case, it was a matter of wanting to keep more of the money I already made. As an “Of Counsel” member of my previous firm, I knew that a whopping sixty percent of all the fees I earned were kept by the firm. Doing the math, I determined that I could increase my income by as much as forty percent if I became captain of my own ship, so to speak.

To accomplish this goal quickly (and to keep startup costs low), I sought, and found, a fellow attorney who had been on his own for quite a while and who, like me, was ready to grow. Just like that, a partnership was born!

Or, so I thought.

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