3 Convictions in Elijah McClain’s Death: Paramedic Faces Sentencing

Aurora Paramedic Convicted in Elijah McClain’s Death

Almost five years after Elijah McClain died following a police encounter, three of the first responders involved have been convicted. The case has drawn national attention due to the circumstances surrounding McClain’s death and the charges against the responders.

McClain’s Mother Seeks Justice

Sheneen McClain, Elijah’s mother, has expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the case thus far. While three responders have been convicted, she maintains that others involved should be held accountable. She is expected to speak at an upcoming sentencing hearing.

Reopened Investigation Leads to Convictions

Prosecutors initially declined to pursue charges after McClain’s death. However, following the 2020 protests against police brutality, Democratic Governor Jared Polis ordered the investigation to be reopened. A second autopsy attributed McClain’s death to the ketamine administered by paramedics after he was restrained by police.

Paramedic Faces Sentencing for Role in McClain’s Death

Jeremy Cooper, a former Aurora Fire Rescue paramedic, is one of the three convicted responders. He faces up to three years in prison after being found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in December. Cooper injected McClain with ketamine after police stopped him while walking home.

Medical Experts Raise Concerns About Ketamine Use

Medical professionals have pointed out that McClain was likely in a weakened state due to police restraint before receiving the ketamine injection. This, they argue, contributed to his death.