Colorado Springs Settles Police Beating Lawsuit for $2.1 Million

Black Man Alleges Excessive Force During Traffic Stop

Colorado Springs city council members voted on Tuesday to settle a federal lawsuit filed by Dalvin Gadson, a Black man who alleges he was beaten by police during a 2022 traffic stop. The settlement amount is $2.1 million.

Details of the Traffic Stop and Lawsuit

Gadson was pulled over in October 2022 after police observed him driving slowly in a car without a license plate. His lawsuit details being punched and kicked by officers “beyond recognition,” resulting in lasting PTSD-like symptoms.

Conflicting Accounts and Body Camera Footage

While officers claim they instructed Gadson to exit the vehicle, body camera footage shows him initially complying by turning towards them while remaining seated. Following an order to exit for a DUI investigation, Gadson reportedly objected. The footage becomes unclear during a subsequent struggle.

The lawsuit alleges two officers punched Gadson in the face, with one using their knee on his forehead to force him back into the car. The footage reportedly shows further punches from the passenger side and a kick after Gadson is removed from the vehicle.

Original Charges Dropped, Officers Remain Employed

Although Gadson faced initial felony assault charges alongside misdemeanor charges for resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, prosecutors ultimately dropped the felony charges. The misdemeanors were also dismissed. Despite this, Gadson did receive a $15 fine for the missing license plate.

An internal review by the police department concluded the officers used force according to department policy. The officers named in the lawsuit remain employed and in good standing with the department.