Estranged Husband Charged in Disappearance of Florida Woman in Spain

FBI Arrests Business Owner Following Months-Long Investigation

David Knezevich, the estranged husband of Ana Knezevich, a Florida woman who vanished in Spain three months ago, has been apprehended by federal agents and charged with her kidnapping.

Disappearance Shrouded in Mystery

Ana Knezevich, 40, was last seen on February 2nd at her apartment in Madrid, where she had been residing since separating from her husband in 2022. The FBI and other federal agents arrested David Knezevich, a 36-year-old business owner, at Miami International Airport on Saturday.

Security Footage Tampering Raises Concerns

The circumstances surrounding Ana’s disappearance are unsettling. Shortly before she vanished, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet was captured on security footage disabling the cameras at her apartment complex by spray-painting the lenses.

Court Appearance and Property Records

David Knezevich, a Serbian immigrant, made a brief initial appearance in Miami federal court on Monday. A bond hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The couple, who may have used the alternate spelling “Knezevic” for their surname, were married for 13 years. Together, they co-owned EOX Technology Solutions Inc., a computer support company serving businesses in South Florida. Public records indicate ownership of a home and two additional properties in Fort Lauderdale, with one currently facing foreclosure proceedings.

Divorce and Financial Dispute Emerge as Potential Motives

According to a police report, Ana’s brother, Juan Henao, described the couple’s divorce as “nasty.” Henao expressed his belief that David harbored anger over the impending division of their significant marital assets.

David Knezevich’s attorney, Ken Padowitz, has previously denied any contentiousness surrounding the divorce and maintained his client’s cooperation with law enforcement. Padowitz has also stated that David was in Serbia at the time of Ana’s disappearance.