Ex-Security Guard Convicted of Murder in Memphis Gas Station Shooting

Unarmed Black Man Killed During Argument

A former security guard in Memphis, Tennessee, has been found guilty of first-degree murder for fatally shooting an unarmed Black man during an argument at a gas station.

Gregory Livingston Found Guilty

A jury convicted 57-year-old Gregory Livingston on Friday in the 2021 shooting death of 48-year-old Alvin Motley Jr. Motley, visiting Memphis from Chicago, was involved in a dispute with Livingston at a Kroger gas station, according to news reports.

Deadly Encounter at Gas Station

Prosecutors presented evidence that Livingston, who is white, approached Motley, who was Black and a passenger in a car, to address loud music coming from the vehicle. The argument escalated, and according to court documents, Motley, holding a beer and cigarette, approached Livingston to discuss the issue “like men.” Livingston then drew his gun and fired a single shot into Motley’s chest, killing him at the scene.

Self-Defense Argument Rejected

Livingston’s defense team argued self-defense, but the jury disagreed. Court records show they have filed a motion for a new trial.

Livingston’s Past Law Enforcement Role

It was also revealed during the trial that Livingston previously served as a police officer in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

Life Sentence Imposed

Livingston was sentenced to life in prison by Criminal Court Judge Chris Craft.