LA County Probation Department Cracks Down on Misconduct, Suspends 66 Officers

Transparency Effort Aims to Regain Public Trust

The Los Angeles County Probation Department is taking a strong stance against employee misconduct. In a move announced Monday, the department revealed that 66 probation officers have been placed on administrative leave in the past five months following allegations of various offenses.

Serious Offenses Prompt Action

The department emphasized its commitment to regaining public trust. Probation Chief Guillermo Viera Rosa stated in a press release, “We are releasing this information in the spirit of greater transparency…” This transparency aims to assure the public, particularly families of those in juvenile facilities, that the department will not tolerate actions jeopardizing its mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Probation Officers from Both Adult and Juvenile Facilities Affected

The suspensions encompass officers from both the adult and juvenile divisions of the department. Since January 1st, 2024, a total of 66 officers have been placed on leave.

Breakdown of Allegations

General Misconduct (39): This category includes suspected incidents of excessive force, child endangerment or abuse, possession of contraband, and negligent supervision.

Sexual Misconduct (18): These officers were placed on leave due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Non-Job Related Arrests (9): While not directly related to their employment, these arrests resulted in suspensions.

These suspensions signal a clear message from the LA County Probation Department that they are taking a firm stance against misconduct within their ranks.