Pro-Palestinian Protests Erupt at Universities, Leading to Arrests and Clashes

Police Crackdown Follows Campus Encampments and Divestment Demands

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has sparked protests and tensions on U.S. college campuses, with universities grappling with student activism and calls for divestment.

Police Make Arrests at Yale and NYU

On Monday, police intervened at demonstrations at Yale University in Connecticut and New York University in Manhattan. These crackdowns followed actions taken by Columbia University last week, where officials cancelled in-person classes due to pro-Palestinian protests and encampments on campus.

Yale Protests Disrupt Traffic, Lead to Arrests

At Yale, demonstrators blocked traffic near the campus in New Haven, demanding the university divest from companies that manufacture military weapons. The student-run Yale Daily News reported that over 45 protestors were arrested during the demonstration.

NYU Moves to Clear Encampment After Hours of Standoff

In New York City, NYU officials directed police to disperse the crowd gathered in a campus plaza. Hundreds of protestors had defied university warnings for several hours, refusing to leave the encampment they had established. Social media footage showed police dismantling tents set up by the demonstrators. Videos also captured scenes of protestors chanting and clashing with officers.

Arrests Made on Trespassing Charges

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department confirmed that arrests were made at the NYU protest after university officials requested enforcement of trespassing violations. The exact number of arrests and citations remains unclear and will be reported later. Thankfully, no immediate injuries were reported.