Seattle Man Arrested in Fatal Shooting of 9-Month-Old Son

Police Believe PCP Use May Be a Factor

A Seattle man is in custody following the tragic death of his 9-month-old son. The incident has shaken the city’s Magnolia neighborhood.

Officers Respond to Reports of Shooting

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) received reports of a shooting on Wednesday evening. Upon arrival at the scene, officers encountered a woman who reported her baby had been shot.

Infant Pronounced Dead at the Scene

Firefighters arrived and attempted to render aid, but the child was pronounced deceased at the location.

Father Arrested After Short Manhunt

Following an extensive search, police apprehended the child’s father several blocks away. He is currently being held at the King County Correctional Facility on $5 million bail.

Drugs Suspected as Contributing Factor

According to a probable cause affidavit, the 35-year-old suspect admitted to using phencyclidine (PCP) earlier that day. PCP, also known as angel dust, is a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

Formal Charges Filed

Authorities have booked the suspect on charges of murder, assault, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Wife Provides Witness Account

The suspect’s wife, who was reportedly inside the bathroom at the time of the shooting, stated she heard a gunshot and upon questioning her husband, he claimed he fired a “blank.” She then discovered the baby with a gunshot wound to the head and rushed outside to call for help.

The wife further disclosed to investigators that her husband carries a gun regularly and had recently purchased PCP, according to the affidavit.