Teenager Arrested After Tipping Porta-Potty, Trapping Mom and Daughter Inside

Bystander Intervention Saves Mother and Child

An 18-year-old man in Manchester, New Hampshire, faces multiple charges after allegedly tipping over a portable toilet with a mother and her young daughter inside.

Argument Leads to Dangerous Act

According to Manchester police, witnesses reported an argument between the unidentified woman and the 18-year-old suspect near a port-a-potty at Derryfield Park. The woman then entered the restroom with her daughter.

Police: Man Pushed Porta-Potty Shutting Door on Victims

Authorities allege that the suspect then pushed the portable toilet over, trapping the mother and child inside. The overturned toilet landed with the door blocked against the ground, preventing escape.

Quick Thinking Bystanders Free Trapped Victims

Fortunately, bystanders witnessed the incident and rushed to help. They were able to right the overturned porta-potty, freeing the mother and daughter.

Victims Covered in Waste, No Physical Injuries

Thankfully, neither the woman nor her child sustained any physical injuries. However, police reported that both were covered in feces and bodily fluids as a result of the incident.

Charges Filed Against Suspect

The 18-year-old suspect was arrested and faces charges of criminal mischief and criminal restraint for his actions. Additionally, he was charged with simple assault after allegedly throwing an object at a responding police officer.