Texas Mom Arrested After Son Gives Alleged Bully Unintended-But-Harmful Drink

Mother Faces Charges After Unconventional Anti-Bullying Tactic

A Texas mother is facing legal repercussions after her attempt to address her son’s bullying situation backfired.

Unorthodox Solution Lands Mom in Trouble

Jennifer Lynn Rossi, 45, from San Antonio, was arrested on charges of injury to a child causing bodily injury, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. The incident stemmed from Rossi allegedly concocting a drink intended for her son’s bully.

Details of the Drink and Incident

An arrest warrant affidavit details that Rossi mixed lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and Gatorade together in a sports bottle. She reportedly instructed her son to give the drink to a classmate who had stolen his drink the previous day at Legacy Traditional School – Alamo Ranch.

School Involvement and Hospitalization

Upon arriving at school, deputies learned that the targeted student had become sick after consuming the drink during physical education class. The child reportedly experienced nausea and a headache and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

Authorities Respond

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office statement confirms that although the drink itself wasn’t toxic, it did result in the child requiring medical attention. Rossi was apprehended and booked into jail following the investigation.

Unresolved Issues

While Rossi’s actions led to her arrest, the investigation into the bullying incident remains ongoing. It’s important to note that this situation highlights the complexities of handling bullying and the importance of seeking appropriate solutions.