Vatican Museum Staff Sue for Better Working Conditions, Challenging Papal Authority

Museum Workers File Class-Action Lawsuit

In a move that could have significant ramifications, 49 employees of the Vatican Museums have filed a lawsuit against the Vatican administration. This unprecedented class-action suit, made public over the weekend, demands significant changes to working conditions for museum staff.

Benefits and Treatment Concerns

The lawsuit, spearheaded by lawyer Laura Sgro, outlines several key issues. Museum staff are seeking improved transparency in career advancement opportunities, reinstatement of seniority bonuses and a shift towards Italian sick leave policies, allowing for more flexibility for minor illnesses

Safety Concerns Due to Cost-Cutting Measures

Beyond benefits and treatment, the lawsuit raises safety concerns. Staff allege that cost-cutting measures have led to overcrowding in the museums and reduced security personnel, potentially compromising both public safety and staff well-being.

Clash Between Vatican Law and European Norms

This lawsuit highlights the ongoing tension between the Vatican’s legal structures and European labor standards. Many Vatican employees, particularly Italian citizens, have limited options outside the unique Vatican justice system, headed directly by Pope Francis.

Appeal to Church Teachings

The lawsuit specifically references the Catholic Church’s social teachings and Pope Francis’ own pronouncements on worker dignity and fair treatment. The museum staff hope this appeal will resonate with the Pope and encourage him to address their concerns.