Virginia School Shooting Investigation Continues: Missing Records and New Questions

Probe Expands Beyond Former Administrator Charged with Neglect

A criminal investigation into the tragic Virginia school shooting where a 6-year-old student shot his teacher is far from over. While a former school administrator faces charges for dismissing warnings about the child, prosecutors are now looking into the disappearance of the student’s disciplinary records and potential obstruction of justice.

Missing Records Raise Concerns

A special grand jury concluded its initial investigation, leading to charges against a former school administrator. However, their report revealed a crucial detail: the student’s disciplinary records vanished after the shooting. Investigators confirmed they found records for every other student, highlighting the unusual absence of this particular file.

The report details a history of violent behavior by the student at Richneck Elementary School, including choking classmates and his kindergarten teacher. This raises questions about how these previous incidents were handled and if they were documented.

Obstruction of Justice a Possibility

The grand jury suggests authorities consider filing obstruction of justice charges against a school official identified as Parrott in the report. However, this path may be hampered by the one-year statute of limitations for the misdemeanor charge, as the shooting happened in January 2023. The Associated Press’ attempts to reach Parrott for comment were unsuccessful.

Assistant Principal Faces Neglect Charges

Meanwhile, former assistant principal Ebony Parker is facing felony child neglect charges. The grand jury report accuses her of a “shocking lack of response” to multiple warnings about the student having a gun on the day of the shooting. Parker appeared in court but the matter regarding her legal representation was postponed.

Teacher Calls for Further Investigation

Following the release of the grand jury report, attorneys representing teacher Abigail Zwerner, who was shot by the student, are calling for investigations into the incident by the U.S. Department of Education and its Virginia counterpart. This report is expected to bolster Zwerner’s ongoing lawsuit against Newport News Public Schools for $40 million.

Scrutiny on Parents as Well

The investigation is not limited to school officials. The parents of the student are also facing scrutiny. Deja Taylor, the child’s mother, has prior convictions for felony child neglect and federal charges related to gun ownership. This echoes a recent high-profile case in Michigan where parents were sentenced for their role in a school shooting.