New Zealand: Ashburton’s New Community Justice Green Project

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Ashburton, New Zealand’s Restorative Garden is a project to be followed. Non-violent juvenile offenders are sentenced to build a community garden, the produce from which is then given to the community food bank or sold at the Farmer’s Market to support continuation of the project. The article from The Ashburton Guardian (link below) is the first we’ve found, but we will keep an eye on this restorative justice project as it develops.

“Community work shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. It should be about them (offenders) learning useful skills and putting something back into the community.”

However, Mr Clifford said people called to work on the project could expect some hard work ahead of them.

“It will be hard work because they are doing community service and there will be no heavy machinery, it will all be done by hand.

“It will build more robust people for the future.”

Read the entire article here.

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